Corporate Strategy

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A corporate strategy is the art through which organization creates the value of a whole organization more than the sum of its parts. A winning corporate strategy will identify the optimal business portfolio, prioritize the right growth platforms, and set a financial strategy to transform vision into value. ​

We work along the leadership team to clearly define the competitive advantage and develop strategy that lays out a multiyear roadmap to drive profitable growth and sustained value creation. ​

What We Do

Vision, Mission and Ambition: We work with business owners and CEOs to understand their aspirations and help them articulate a clear vision and mission for the future.​

Evaluation of portfolio: We evaluate organizations' current business portfolio to ensure it is in alignment with their corporate strategy, and inherent capabilities. ​

Building growth strategy: We work with organizations to find the growth engine, need to pursue growth vectors and the key platform required to realize the ambition.​

Business Strategy

Business strategy is about making conscious decisions about the actions to take and not to take. It aims to point at the overall direction while preserving high flexibility to adapt to environmental changes. Recent uncertain times demand bold responses, yet many organizations find it difficult. ​

A successful business strategy deploys the capital to drive growth, generate value, and create sustainable competitive advantage—in other words, to put it to work in the most effective way possible. ​

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What We Do

Evaluate the environment: We evaluate to understand how well are competitors positioned to respond. We arrive at a roadmap from the various combination of choices-by markets, customer and decide where to play which has the greatest potential to create value relative to rivals and improve business unit strategy.​

Assessment of competitive advantage: We do a candid assessment of the competitive advantage across various factors such as cost, capabilities, intellectual property, position in the ecosystem and evaluate any key move or asset essential for future growth.​

Align the execution as per strategy: We help organizations in devising the best way to create alignment around the business unit strategy, set and communicate goals and to create tight market feedback loops that enable rapid learning and adaptation while also ensuring programmatic rigor in execution.​